LOVE VIBES 10 Ways to Energize Your Vibe

Updated: Feb 22

Vibe is short for vibrations

A person, place, or thing can have good vibrations or bad vibrations, as well as have a “vibe” of many different sorts. Most perceived vibes are a psychological phenomenon due to our interpretation of unique senses such as visual clues, sounds, and smells. Some of these are obvious and others are subliminal.

Our vibes are our energy, and our energy introduces us even before we speak.

When it comes to spiritual vibrations it's said that these frequencies occur on a scale from low to high: any time you feel love, sympathy, confidence, gratitude, awe, or kinship you are producing high-frequency vibrations. These emotional vibrations make you feel more energetic and cheerful.

The way we feel and the way we make others feel about us, and the opportunities we attract in life are all results of our own vibes.

It is possible to raise our vibration over time by paying attention to our thoughts and reactions. Learning to choose positive thoughts and respond to life rather than react to it will shift us into awareness giving us the power of choice.

"There is no way to be happy; to be happy is the way." ~Buddha

When we are vibrating at a higher frequency we feel better, lighter, full of love, happy, and experience a greater sense of self to name a few benefits.

If we sow the seeds of positive thinking into our minds we can live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Positive thinking not only sees the invisible but also feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.

"We become what we think." – Buddha

It’s fairly easy to be positive and see everything optimistically when things are going in one’s stride. The challenge is to remain positive when everything seems to be crumbling yet you remain rock solid within a state of equanimity.

Rock-solid is to keep affirming positive thinking and counting blessings amidst turmoil. Because that is when one realizes that the powers of thoughts run our lives.

The Gift of a Positive Vibe

One of the best gifts you can give to yourself and to your significant other is your positive, loving' energetic vibe. In a love relationship, you are intimately connected energetically with your significant other, and as a result, you can pick up on their vibes.

10 Creative Ways to Energize Love Vibes

  1. Start a gratitude journal. When you take the time to focus on the good things in your life you naturally become more positive. The feeling of appreciation has gained a lot of attention in the field of positive psychology.

  2. Self-love. Practice always treating ourselves with loving kindness. As we feel good about ourselves, we initiate more ways to invite happiness and loving moments. This type of loving self-awareness is a powerful injection that can spread its vibration to create a more loving world.

  3. Start every morning with gratitude. When you first wake up in the morning, think of three things you're grateful for as you smile and breathe. Gratitude makes you happier, more resilient, more likable, and can literally add years to your life.

  4. Avoid spreading gossip and negativity. Instead find opportunities to make someone smile, and to offer random acts of kindness in everyday life.

  5. Laugh and smile. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

  6. Care for your physical and mental health. High vibration foods offer the most nutrition such as chlorophyll and antioxidants to keep our bodies in a good pH balance. We will feel better, lighter, and healthier when we eat higher vibrational foods and think quality thoughts, which in turns raises your vibrational frequency. Choose your foods and thoughts carefully, for they are from what you create yourself.

  7. Get passionate about life. Passion is what gives us boundless energy, intense and almost single-minded focus, and the willpower to overcome even the most daunting obstacles. You can take steps to define your own passion and put it to work in building your blessed life.

  8. Practice meditation. Setting aside five minutes for meditation daily is a great start. We can bring ourselves into a greater state of flow and a higher vibration through meditation, because it allows us to let go of so much that no longer serves us. Smiling Mette meditation is my favorite. The Insight Timer app is a wonderful tracker and community to support both the new and seasoned meditator.

  9. Listen to music that raises your mood. Sound has a powerful effect on humans as music is quite literally vibrations and listening to certain vibrations will help you to raise your vibe.

  10. Exercise. Increases happiness in individuals who practice it consistently. In addition to anti-aging, mood and metabolic benefits, even small amounts of physical exercise can raise your vibration.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

Combining Visual Affirmations With Zen Style Wisdom

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